What is Microcredit?
  How can Microcredit make a difference?
About We Care India
  Whats this initiative about?
  What's the difference between the WeCareIndia.Org model and traditional micro-finance?
  Is We Care India a non-profit organisation?
  How is WeCareIndia.Org different from other peer-to-peer lending models?
  What is the interest rate breakup on the loan products that SAMRUDHI offers on the social
    investment raised through WeCareIndia.Org?
Investing through WeCareIndia.Org
  What is the minimum and maximum investment I can make?
  How do I make a social investment on WeCareIndia.Org?
  What is my return on social investment?
  Where can I track progress on my investment?
  Are social investments on WeCareIndia.org treated as donations?
  Will I get a receipt for payment on making a social investment?
  How will I know that my investment has reached the concerned borrower?
  How is my social investment repaid?
  In what time will I get my social investment repaid?
  What are the payment options I can use to complete my social investment?
  What is the invest by date?
  How much interest a borrowers being charged on my social investment and how much returns I get
    on my social investment.
Trust & Transparency
  Can I trust WeCareIndia.Org with my money?
  What are my risks as a Social Investor?
  Is my social investment is guaranteed?
  Will I get my investment repaid in the event of beneficiaries’ death?
  I like what SAMRUDHI-WeCareIndia is doing. Can I donate money to you?
  Why should I lend through www.WeCareIndia.Org?
  How do I know my Transaction is secure?