About Us

About Us

www.WeCareIndia.Org is the world's first peer-to-peer (P2P) online lending platform developed & implemented by SAMRUDHI Micro Fin Society connecting Social Investors to its own clients replacing FIELD PARTNERS.

Our Principle

SAMRUDHI works on “Provide Opportunity, Not Charity”. One-time donation or charitable grant may help in the short-term, but will not make a long-term impact in the lives of poor people. Therefore, through WeCareIndia, we enable individuals to provide opportunity to the less fortune by making responsible social investment in a meaningful way.

Our Belief

We believe that the “poor are bankable”; they have “credit discipline”, and they have potential to improve income and productivity and can make profit; thus come out of poverty.

What makes us Unique?

www.WeCareIndia.org is unique from other cloud souring platforms in terms of project implementation, cost of operation, Presence, cost of funds to borrower etc. The table below deals the difference in detail.

Particulars www.WeCareIndia.Org Others cloud sourcing platforms-such as Kiva, Rangde, ekjaa, milaap etc
Program/Project Implementation Self- No dependency
Through parent organization-SAMRUDHI Micro Fin Society (SAMRUDHI). SAMRUDHI has more than four years of experience in project implementation.
Through FIELD PARTNER-100% Dependency
  • Spend more resource on identification of field partners
  • Success depend on Field Partners
Operational cost Comparatively Less
The cost of operation is low. There is no multi player. Investment directly goes to borrowers.
Comparatively More
Cost of operation is high. Multiple player-The cloud sourcing agency, the partner, the borrower.
Presence-Geography Located in the operational area. It does make any difference as everything happens in the cloud. Located elsewhere other than the operational area. Mostly in class-A cities.
Return on investment for the social investor More
Generally between 6-10 percent. At par with the nationalize banks in India-
Between 3-4%.
Cost of funds to borrowers Less
Generally between 12-18 percent. (Currently all MFIs charge interest between 26-30% as the cost of funds from bank itself is between 15-16%)
More-Not worried
Usually, the field partner decides at what cost, the amount will be lended to members. The profit margin is split into three-The MFI, Social Investor & the cloud sourcing agency.